Astrophiz 24: Solstice Special & Cuberider Launch with Solange Cunin


Astrophiz 24 is out now on iTunes and Soundcloud.
Solstice Special and Cuberider Liftoff.

Feature interview: We interview Solange Cunin, CEO of Cuberider, an Edutech company which has just launched 100 experiments up to the ISS via JAXA, stoking the dreams, imagination, hard work and Python coding of hundreds of Australian students and teachers from 54 schools. Congratulations! More info at cuberiderDOTcom

Dr Nadeshzda Cherbakov Skypes in from Tver in Russia to tell us more about stellar evolution and explains the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Dr Ian Musgrave in ‘What’s up Doc?’ tell us what to look for in the night sky this week using naked eye, binoculars or telescopes.

In the news: 6 brief items and we elaborate on solstices

See you next on February 9 2017. Happy Holidays everyone!

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