Our feature interview is with Dr Elodie Thilliez. Elodie is a Data Scientist at the Deakin University Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory in Melbourne Australia, and completed her PhD at the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne University.  Elodie tells us about her research into debris disks and the role of big data in modern astronomy. Follow Elodie as @ET_Astro on Twitter

Dr Ian Musgrave in his regular feature, “What’s Up Doc”, tells us when and where to find our planets, how to catch the Eta Aquariid meteor shower this weekend, exoplanets and rings around asteroids. Check out Ian’s excellent Astroblog (just google it) or follow @ianfmusgrave on Twitter.

In the News:

With the Cassini mission all over the internet, we instead give you the background on Cassini the scientist.

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